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10 May 2016


Project NFidelikah combines the talents of Fishbone front-man Angelo “Dr. Mad Vibe” Moore, Lynch Mob guitarist George Lynch, ex War/Philm bassist Pancho Tomaselli and Endangered Species drummer Chris Moore. Their music has been described as “rock infused hybrid ghetto funk gone haywire”, as each track showcases their different musical backgrounds. “Musically, it’s a wide open landscape in this band”, says drummer Chris Moore. Project NFidelikah creates their hybrid sound by combining an arsenal of instruments including guitars, organs, saxophones, percussions and even a Theremin which highlights the many musical landscapes offered in this debut release. “The musicianship is to a whole other level, I can go into other areas that I maybe couldn’t delve into while in a straight hard rock situation, it’s teaching me something I didn’t know how to do” says guitarist George Lynch. Project NFidelikah is rock, funk, blues and pop all mixed into something very unique and special! Official release date is Friday May 27, 2016.

1. Project Blackout
2. Army of Jesus
3. Exposure Fi’ Pay
4. Landslide Salvation
5. Corazon of Doubt
6. I Wanna Be White (But I Can’t)
7. Deprivation of Independence
8. Anchor Baby
9. I Know
10. She Was Dead When I Got There
11. Rain Again
12. Curse of 1000 Mommies (bonus track)